…the bus came by, and I got on… that’s how it all began…

-the Grateful Dead

The western United States boasts some of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world and we, as trail runners, we have the unique ability to go deeper into these lands and experience them on a level worthy of their charm. With such vast distances between these gems, to visit them is a logistical and endurance feat in and of itself which is what makes Bus Run Bus such a tempting challenge. 

To allow for the proper exploration of city, mountain, desert, forest and coastline we will spend three nights sleeping on the converted bus while a driver moves us to the next park. The other three nights will be spent in camp amongst the natural beauty.

Bus Run Bus will leave San Francisco on Sunday, August 4th and return to the city the following Saturday, August 10th. With direct flights to San Francisco from every continent, this would be an ideal adventure for the runner that can only afford a one-week getaway.

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Some things to consider:

  1. Vegetarian (though there are plenty of opportunities to eat on one’s own). Please see the The Bus to get a better idea of what the meals are going to look like.

  2. “Cozy” which is another way of saying “close quarters”. Think sailboat.

  3. Schedule: The schedule is what allows for a trip like this to exist. It is every runner’s responsibility to be at the bus at the hour of departure.

  4. Assisted vs. guided. The running on Bus Run Bus will be unguided. Excellent trails and signage allow for this trip to be assisted rather than guided. What does that mean? I will provide maps (physical and gpx files) of running options  ranging from short five-mile jogs around camp to 20-30 mile day-long adventures for the most fit. 

  5. Fitness level - since we don’t need to stay together during for any of the runs, individual’s running level is not a concern. To make the most of seeing the parks, you are encouraged to come in as fit as you can without injuring yourself.

  6. This trip is going to be exhausting! 2000-miles on the bus and the potential for upwards of 140-miles on foot for the most ambitious runners.

  7. Salomon will be providing running packs for participants. Though they are not essential, they are really nice to have and Salomon makes the best ones (though, I’m a little partial)

  8. I (Rickey Gates here) will be designing a t-shirt that will be unlike any other t-shirt you’ve ever seen from a running event. Let’s leave it at that for now.

  9. Lastly, Salomon will be joining us to make a little video for this inaugural journey. Though the videographer will do his best to respect everybody’s personal space, it is important to know that he will be there and that you are okay with being filmed from time to time.