Day 1 (August 4)

Meet at Green Tortoise Hostel in downtown San Francisco for a run. Go over agenda, maps, waivers, food, etc. 

Run through San Francisco, along the Bay, past the Golden Gate Bridge, into the Presidio to Ocean Beach. N-Judah back to Downtown.

Meet near the Green Tortoise Hostel, load up bus, drive to Yosemite, Sleep on Bus

Day 2 (August 5)

Wake up in Yosemite, Breakfast, Run

Run to Toulumne Meadows (or other run of your choosing)

Lunch, Run, Leave for Toulumne @ 16:00

Dinner at Toulumne, Leave for Zion @ 19:00, Sleep on Bus

Day 3 (August 6)

Wake up in Zion, Breakfast, Run Zion

Lunch in Zion, Run Zion

Dinner in Zion

Camp in Zion

Day 4 (August 7)

Breakfast (optional run) in Zion

Bus, Lunch, Drive to Grand Canyon

Optional run on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon

Camp at North Rim of Grand Canyon

Day 5 (August 8)

21-mile Rim to Rim of the Grand Canyon

Bus pickup on South Rim of the Grand Canyon

Drive to Las Vegas where the truest endurance athletes will test their limits with four hours of fun, trouble, whatever.

Drive through the night to Death Valley National Park

Day 6 (August 9)

Early morning run on the Badwater salt flats - the lowest point in North America.

Option to run the first 20 miles of the Badwater Ultra Marathon course from the Badwater Basin to Furnace Creek. Chill by the pool until it’s cool enough to drive the Bus.

Drive through the night towards the Pacific Coast.

Day 7 (August 10)

Wake up on the iconic Highway 1 - the Pacific Coast Highway. Breakfast.

Run in the Redwoods/along the Coast

Lunch, Drive to San Francisco

Arrive at the Green Tortoise Hostel by 7pm