We are partnering up with Green Tortoise for this grand adventure. Green Tortoise has been bussing people around North America since 1974 and know how to show us a good time. Below is a little video tour of the bus and several commonly asked questions.

What are the buses like?

Our converted sleeper coaches are custom designed, hand-made and comfortable. Personal reading lights and volume controls for our sound system are located throughout the bus. Most coaches are equipped with toilets although their use will be selective. The coach has the capacity for 36 passengers to sleep lying down. Though we often drive through the night, because of the vast mileage covered on some of our trips, it may sometimes be necessary to drive during the day.

What should I bring?

You are allowed to bring one checked piece of luggage, one carry-on, plus your sleeping bag/pillow and tent (if you opt to bring one). Your sleeping bag/pillow and tent do not need to fit inside of your checked piece. Our custom designed coaches do not have the same amount of storage space as standard coaches; please heed the luggage guidelines. After you make a reservation with our travel office you will be sent a complete list of things to bring.

Do I need to have a sleeping bag, a tent or camping experience?

We have rental sleeping bags available for most trips. A tent is recommended but not absolutely necessary since you may choose to sleep on the bus in some locations or outside under the stars. Camping experience is not necessary. We welcome first-time campers! The campsites we visit range from remote and rustic to full service with showers.

Can I take a shower every day?

Showers will be available, but not always daily. There is no shower on the bus. We'll take no-soap baths wherever possible in waterfalls, rivers or lakes when developed campgrounds aren't available.

Can everyone sleep on the bus lying down?

Yes. Sleeping space is not assigned and you should expect to share close quarters with limited privacy.

How much additional spending money should I bring on my trip?

This is in all inclusive trip if you want it to be. We will provide food, beer, transportation, maps, etc. Things you might want to bring money for: showers at campgrounds (just a couple bucks), beers/food in restaurants, souvenirs etc.

What if I have special dietary needs?

Pantry and cooler space are limited on the bus. We normally carry enough of a variety of food options to sufficiently accommodate many food allergies or preferences (such as rice or bean noodles, corn tortillas, seaweed, non-wheat cereals, etc for wheat-free diets for example), but because of the amount of orchestration that is involved in creating a meal plan for bus load of folks, the availability of certain items, the cooking facilities that we carry, etc, we cannot guarantee that your needs/preferences will be met.

As our tastes may be different from yours, if you have food allergies or preferences you may find it more comforting to bring along your preferred food items (like non-wheat breads, specialty pastas or cereals, dairy-free cheese, vegan "meats") just in case our taste doesn't jive with yours.

During our meal preparation we will be busily coordinating a delicious, healthy meal for up to 38 people and while we strive to please everybody, it may be difficult for us to recall specific and cater to individualized menus. At each meal you get to pick and choose what ingredients to include when you prepare it - to ensure this and to avoid cross contamination of foods that you do not want to eat, you must be present and participate at every meal during preparation.

Are there bathrooms on the bus?

Most of the coaches are equipped with toilets, but their use will be selective (mostly for emergencies). We stop frequently to use the restroom, even in the middle of the night.